Diving Travel Bag

Akona Maverick Scuba Diving Travel Bag Review

Akona Maverick Scuba Diving Travel Bag

Diving Travel Bag

The thrill and excitement that comes with scuba diving are undeniable. The colorful world thriving underwater is, frankly, exotic. The picturesque scenery of marine life, color fish, and the coral reefs makes scuba diving worthwhile. However, this thrill is only accrued when divers have the right equipment. As you would appreciate, the underwater environment is quite harsh to human beings. As such, scuba diving equipment is necessary not only for safety but also for life sustenance whilst submerged.

Therefore, the major hurdle to overcome is how to carry your scuba diving equipment when setting out on a scuba diving expedition. The answer is simple, a scuba diving travel bag. The Akona Maverick scuba diving bag is one of the best in the market. The duffle bag is intricately designed to make it easy and efficient to travel with scuba diving equipment.

Akona Maverick Duffel Scuba Diving Bag Features

Ample Interior Space ñ Scuba diving equipment, especially tanks, tend to be bulky. With this in mind, the Akona Scuba travel bag features a designed that optimizes interior space. It measures 14î X 31î X 14î (Height X Length X Width). This yields a volume of 6,076 cubic inches or 99357 liters. This volume is sufficient for carrying all your scuba diving equipment as well as some change clothes.

Large U-Shapes Zipper ñ The duffle bag also comes with a large U-shaped zipper that affords users with enough entry space to pack and unpack. The design of the zipper gives unrestricted access to the bagís interior. Therefore, its users can pack their item with ease. The zipper, just like every other part of the bag is designed to endure the rigors of travel, whilst carrying heavy scuba diving equipment. It is, thus, long lasting and easy to use.


Light Weight Design ñ The Akona Scuba diving travel bag is also designed and made to be light lightweight. Given the sturdiness and rigidity of the bag, it is astonishing that the bag weighs a mere 4.25kg or 9 lbs. 6oz. In this regard, the bag is easy to travel around without becoming tiresome luggage.

Quality Finish ñ Aside from the use of high-quality material, the bag has a high-quality finish. It has reinforced corners, whilst the bag is coated with 600-D polyester fabric that gives a much-needed resistance to abrasion.

Easy To Use Rolling Mechanism ñ The bag comes with heavy-duty roller wheels that are replaceable. Additionally, the bag has a telescoping trolley handle, making it easy to move the bag.

In conclusion, the bag is designed to make scuba diving travel as hassle-free as possible. It is the best thing you can have while setting out on a scuba diving expedition.