Candid Icon HD Net Ready Black Edition Scuba Diving Wrist Computer

Candid Icon HD Net Ready Black Edition Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Review

Candid Icon HD Net Ready Black Edition Scuba Diving Wrist Computer

Candid Icon HD Net Ready Black Edition Scuba Diving Wrist Computer

Whilst it is standard to for divers to take some kind of scuba diving tracking and various measuring devices, these days divers are opting to take a scuba diving wrist computer. The combination of their compact size and efficient function have the makings of a novelty scuba diving computer. Using a scuba diving computer is also significantly easier as it replaces the multiple charts and devices that scuba divers have traditionally used.

The Icon HD Net Scuba Diving Wrist Computer is among the top diving computer that scuba diver that both the novice and the experienced divers can opt for. It is designed to be easy to read whilst submerged in water. More importantly, the Icon HD diving computer is constructed to withstand the harsh environment that exists underwater. As such, the wrist computer boasts of a myriad of features, which combine to accord divers with a safe and thrilling diving experience.

Icon HD Net Scuba Diving Wrist Computer

#1. Bi-Directional Communication ñ Typically, scuba diving computers are passive devices that just display the information relayed from the tank. However, the Icon HD dive computer features the new Mars bi-directional communication technology that allows the computer to communicate with the tank actively and in real time. Consequently, divers have access to an unprecedented amount of real-time information such as the tank pressure, the diverís current consumption, and the time remaining. This increases the diverís safety further improving the diving experience.

#2. High Definition Color Display ñ While the majority of diving computers do not have colored displays, the Icon HD wrist diving computer comes with an HD colored display. This display quality makes the display of information intuitive and easy for the divers to consume whilst diving. Additionally, the combination of color-coded messaging and detailed numerical information makes it easier for users to understand the current status of their diving expedition. This increases their safety whilst diving. Moreover, the user sets the color to show the various thresholds of available gas affording maximum customization capabilities to divers.

#3. Underwater Menu ñ The wrist computer also features an underwater menu, which allows users to change their setting even whilst diving. Among the setting, that divers can change include tissue saturation graphs, night mode, and runaways deco alarm.

Other features the wrist computer comes with include a dive planner, fresh and seawater settings, and tank pressure profiling.

The Good

One of the notable benefits of using this diving computer is the robust features it has. For instance, the Mares bi-directional communication technology provides a comprehensive picture of the current status. The HD colored display improves the understanding of the oneís environment.

Another distinguishing element of this dive computer is the well developed and intuitive software. The setting and configuration flexibility also makes it easy for divers to customize their computers to meet their needs.


Whilst there are many other scuba diving wrist computer watches in the market, the Icon HD wrist computer has robust features that few other diving computers have. Therefore, it offers comprehensive information to improve diverís awareness. Consequently, the Icon HD diving computer improves the safety of each dive.