Candid Vanquisher IP67 Submarine Waterproof Rugged Tablet PC review

Candid Vanquisher IP67 Submarine Waterproof Rugged Tablet PC Review

Candid Vanquisher IP67 Submarine Waterproof Rugged Tablet PC

Candid Vanquisher IP67 Submarine Waterproof Rugged Tablet PC review

We live at a point in human history where we are increasing dependent on our mobile devices for daily living. We use our smartphones and tablets to for work and entertainment, making these devices virtually indispensable. However, the use of these devices is hugely impeded by their susceptibility of the rigor of outdoor environment, more so the tablets. The market is awash with water-resistant and waterproof smartphones, but there are very few tablets that can claim to have such qualities.

Nonetheless, a consumer seeking a hardy tablet that they can use outdoors without the fear of destroying the device can opt for the Vanquish IP67 Waterproof Rugged PC. This tablet is designed and optimized to make the tablet as hardy as possible. Thus, it is touted to withstand outdoor activities better than most tablets in the market.


#1. Ultra-Rugged Design And Construction ñ The rugged construction is the main distinguishing feature of this particular tablet. Beyond the rugged construction, other features of the device improve its hardiness include the IP67 seal, a highly rigid screen, and a Corning Gorilla anti-scratch panel. The combination of these features makes it one of the most durable tablets in the market. Consequently, the tablet is perfect for outdoor activities such as exploring, hiking, camping, surveying and geological research, mountain biking, hunting, and many other activities.

#2. A Built-In U-Box GPS Module ñ Continuing the enhanced outdoor hardiness, the Vanquish IP67 waterproof tablet comes with a u-box GPS module. The GPS module has an accuracy of between 2 to 4 meters radius. With the BDS/GPS dual mode, users do not need to have access to a network for positioning. Additionally, initiating the GPS is fast as it only takes 30 seconds.

#3. Intel Quad-Core Processor ñ The Tablet also comes with an efficient and fast processor that improve the multitasking function. Clocking at 1.86GHz, users experience smooth running of applications. Combining this processing power with the Android 4.4 OS, users get outstanding user experience.

#4. Other features that the tablet has are a non-detachable battery, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G network support, 2.4/5.8G dual band WiFi, and an OTG mode support (this allows the use of a mouse, Ethernet cable, U-disk and a keyboard).

The Good

The obvious benefit of purchasing this tablet is endurance. The Vanquish Waterproof Tablet PC is designed to be very hard to break. Thus, its users need not worry about the tablet falling on hard surfaces of in water.

Another crucial benefit is the highly efficient position system. Being able to attain your position and navigate using the device without the need of network is quite beneficial. Users can venture to areas with no network coverage without worrying.

The Bad

The only possible demerit of this tablet is the rugged design and feel. In a world of tablets where sleek and polished designs are the standards, the Vanquish IP67 does seem out of place. However, this all depends on your design taste as most find it fine for the purpose it serves.


The vanquish IP67 is a more than a capable tablet. Its rugged design means users can venture into harsh environments with little to no care about the survivability of the device. It is truly and outdoors tablet.