Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear review

Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Travel Package Review

 Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Travel Package

The Cressi Travelight is the lightweight version when compared to the traditional BCD that offers an all-round lift which offers great balance as well as trim while under water and as well as when you are on the waterís surface. The Travelight weight is decreased by a careful choice of light materials that provide a way for the Scuba Gear Travel Package to be packed into a small carrying bag which is a good for traveling purposes. The BCD utilizes a bladder of extremely strong 210 denier nylon that offers the right amount of strength that does not have an effect on the weight, while the light alloys which make up the D-rings are in place opposed to stainless steel. The bulk and weight reduction means that the Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Travel Package can support a fully-integrated weight system, while the trim pockets situated at the rear offer a convenient way to travel dive.

The Travelight features more of the traditional features like the right-shoulder ìpull dumpsî and rear kidney as well as the inflator integrated ìpull dumpî positioned at the left shoulder as well as the manual deflation feature derived from the inflator assembly. Other features of this travel package include large zippered pockets on each side of the BCD that offers convenient accessories and storage while the harness system makes used of a quick release along with straps that can be adjusted at the area of the waist, chest, and shoulders to offer the diver with the correct fit and precise adjustment. This package features a Velcro waistband that offers additional comfort as well as security with a padded flexible back-plate that offer twin-cylinder straps which offer back protections and security for the cylinder while still providing a way for the BCD to be packed and folded away with ease. The main features of the Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Travel Package include:

  • Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear  reviewTwo Rear Rim Pockets
  • D-rings that are manufactured out of a light alloy
  •  comfortable padded back-panel
  • a quick system that allows the user to compact and fold away the BCD easily
  • Three relief valves


The Cressi Travelight Scuba Gear Travel Package has been described as a serious type of travel BCD and the design was derived from the model known as the Cressi Flex BCD which was the very first of the worldwide travel BCDís in association to the Scuba Industry. The dry weight of this package is only 2.7kg while the back has been padded in a sufficient way that it always provides a more comfortable fit. This BCD makes use of what is known as the Cressi Lock Aid which is a ìintegrated weight systemî which is able to store up to 9kg in the area of the front ñpockets and another 4.5kg in the back pockets. With the aim of ensuring the weight was as light as possible, the D-rings have been designed with an incredibly lightweight material. When the air-cell inflates it does so away from the diver’s body which prevents constricting the user.