Learn to SCUBA Dive

What Makes MidCoast Scuba Center Your Best Choice for SCUBA Classes in the Omaha, Nebraska Area?

Top 3 Reasons to Learn to Dive with MidCoast Scuba Center Omaha, NE.

  1. Convenient regularly scheduled group, private or semi-private classes on demand.
  2. Only the latest in diving equipment
  3. Classes taught by an Instructor’s Instructor¬†

Convenient semi-private, private, week or weekend classes on demand.

We offer absolutely no group classes. In a group class you will be offered no personal instruction. All of our classes are either semi-private or private giving you plenty of individual instruction. We can accommodate any schedule.

Classroom and confined water training are completed here in Omaha, then we invite you to travel with us to some of the best diving destinations in the world for your final certification dives.

Your personal scuba instructor will oversee every aspect of your training and insure a positive experience. See our Dive Adventures page for upcoming travel/dive opportunities.

Should your plans or schedule not allow diving with us for your final certification dives you may finish them with another instructor at any vacation destination in the world through our internationally recognized Universal Referral Program.

We have invested in the latest design, finest quality and most comfortable equipment for your use while training.

With our Premier level of beginning scuba diver classes we offer you training with comfortable trim-adjustable weight integrated BCD’s (buoyancy control devices), alternate inflator regulators and hose-less air-integrated Personal Dive Computers. It costs us a little more to teach you on this modern equipment but aren’t your diving lessons worth it? You are only going to learn to dive once, do it right.

We offer each student education on, and the use of, personal diving computers. Personal Diving Computers increase dive safety by eliminating math errors, and give you additional safety information such as proper ascent rates, dive time remaining and much, much more.

Diving computers increase dive time by automatically tracking and allowing you to use multi-level diving techniques. We offer you training on how to use these computers above and beyond the simple description in text books.

Classes taught by an Instructor’s Instructor.

No part-time instructors. We offer classes by an instructor who has been teaching continuously for over thirty years. In that time he has garnered the highest instructor level possible, that of Instructor Training Course Director with the three largest training scuba training agencies in the world.

A Course Director is an Instructor’s Instructor. Someone who knows how to teach diving so well he is entrusted by the certifying agencies to show others how to teach it right. There is only one in the Omaha area and he is on our staff!¬†

Terry is continuously taking training himself, usually taking three to four classes a year or more to stay abreast of the best teaching methods for your enjoyment!

You’ll dive a lifetime if shown how to do so properly. But you only learn to dive once, make sure it will be an enjoyable experience.