Mares Volo Power Fin Mask Snorkel Scuba Diving Gear Set review

Mares Volo Power Fin Mask Snorkel Scuba Diving Gear Set Review

Mares Volo Power Fin Mask Snorkel Scuba Diving

Mares Volo Power Fin Mask Snorkel Scuba Diving Gear Set review

If you’re going to go under water on a scuba trip, you can never afford to half step when it comes to your equipment. Do yourself a big favor and purchase scuba gear made by a company you can trust and with features that will make scuba diving a joy and not a chore. This article will highlight some key points about this scuba gear and diving gear set, so you’ll be able to make an informed purchase as you shop. Consider these points and stop by Amazon in order to learn as much as you can about this scuba gear

A Quick Description Of The Product

the first thing you will notice about this product is that it is built with high quality material and with sleek color patterns. The standard colors are black with cement gray trim, neon yellow with black trim and a rich blue with black trim. The products are also bundled together with a nylon mesh bag that can be used as a carrying case.

What You Will Find With Your Order

When you place this order, it comes equipped with two solidly built flipper fins and clear plastic goggles. The mask is carefully crafted with frameless silicone in order to create an air tight connection that protects your eyes whenever you wear them. It is attached with a dry snorkel that is carefully built to filter in fresh air for you to breathe. The entire system comes together with adjustable heel straps for the fins, so that you are able to wear them comfortably and kick your feet as you swim.

Price Points

It is important that you shop around for the price that you can afford when attempting to purchase any sort of scuba gear. When you browse for one of these flipper and snorkel sets online, you will notice a range of prices. The list price typically hovers around $260, but you can quite easily find them on Amazon for $169.95.

Key Features

It is very critical that you understand the key features that make this product worthwhile. The fin is optimized with excellent materials and craftsmanship, making it 25 percent more efficient than others. The snorkel features a single lens setup, in addition to a soft material foot pocket with a ribbed insole.

What People Are Saying About The Product

Overwhelmingly, people are finding great value in this scuba set. Most people leave glowing reviews about it and state that it was the best set they could have hoped to purchase in this price range.

As you go through these details, it’s clear that you’re doing a lot for yourself by considering this product. It is solidly built and comes with equipment that you will find more than useful. If you’re interested in making a purchase or learning more about it, you should reach out to their listings on Amazon in order to learn as much as you can and place an order.