Fundamental Knowledge About Scuba Diving

Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, or as we all know as Scuba, is more than just an apparatus for breathing underwater. Scuba diving is an experience a person should have once in his life. The underwater is a natural and peaceful place to discover.

People scuba dive on weekends and during vacations. Others even make it a lifestyle or even a profession. Scuba diving serves as an escape from the noisy and stressful city.

In order to experience this underwater adventure, one must have the basic knowledge and fundamental skills. A person that will go scuba diving must also acquire and understand the specialized gear and equipment and how it works. For equipment and gear reviews and scuba, diving updates visit

Why Learn Scuba Diving

  1. Why Learn Scuba Diving

When we were young, we had that fear of not knowing what is beneath the waters. We just knew it is deep and dark blue. We somehow even thought that there lies a giant aquatic serpent.

With scuba diving, you will finally define and conquer your childhood fear. Snorkeling is one thing, but scuba diving is another, and given a choice, you should choose scuba diving.

Scuba diving is a therapy, and once you go deep, weightlessness will commence. And it’s not just physical weightlessness, but as you witness the graceful movements of the different species of aquatic life and the calmness of the deep blue, you are giving your heart and soul to a serene floating experience.

Scuba gives a lot to a person’s life. You will appreciate the beauty of the seabed and be an advocate for the preservation alliance of the deep sea. You will also meet new people and gain friends as you dive, and you’ll learn much about hand signals!

  1. Scuba Diving for Beginners

If you are a rookie to scuba diving, you must research and educate yourself about the activity. You need to gain an idea of what the experience entails and also learn the safety measures. It is highly recommended to take a course on the basics of scuba diving.

After gaining basic knowledge, choose and study your preferred location. Check out exactly what you want to see, not just the underwater environment, but the wildlife as well.

In choosing which company to handle your classes, be sure that they are certified, professional, has good reputation and prioritizes safety.

Don’t get too overly excited about the experience, which is a common rookie mistake. Remember to stay calm and relax. It is not a race. Keep in mind that the faster you breath, the more you consume oxygen in your cylinder.

Be brave and dive again as soon as possible.

  1. Know Your Scuba Diving Equipment via

Know Your Scuba Diving Equipment

Equipment in scuba diving is made and designed for divers to have an optimum experience. Equipment and gear varies depending on your body-type specifications and needs.

Here is the basic equipment and specialized gear you will need underwater:

  1. A Mask
  2. A Snorkel
  3. A pair of Fins
  4. An Exposure Protection Suit
  5. A BC (Buoyancy Compensator)
  6. Regulators
  7. Dive Computers
  8. A Cylinder

For more information, specifications, reviews and price ranges of the equipment mentioned, visit Enjoy the deep blue!