Stahlsac's Caicos Cargo Pack Roller Dive Bag Review

Stahlsac’s Caicos Cargo Pack Roller Dive Bag Review

Stahlsac’s Caicos Cargo Pack Roller Dive Bag

Stahlsac's Caicos Cargo Pack Roller Dive Bag Review

The Caicos Cargo Pack from Stahlsac is a travel ready dive bag with immense ruggedness, stylish looks, and every feature you could ask for. If you travel just as hard as you play, this is precisely the kind of travel bag you need at your disposal. There’s plenty of room available to store anything you might need while out on an adventurous scuba diving excursion or special extended beach vacation. If your curiosity has been piqued, all of the details and a full list of features and benefits will be laid out below:

1 – Reputation

First of all, Stahlsac has been manufacturing scuba diving and adventure gear for nearly 4 decades now. If anyone is an authority on what sort of travel bags best accommodate diving excursions, it’s them! This Caicos Cargo Pack in particular is the 5th in a line of well received rolling dive bags. Furthermore, the product has routinely received a rating of at least 4 stars online. It’s also been a best-seller since its debut.

Stahlsac is a company that cares about offering the best products available. They’ve been innovating in the field of scuba-based luggage for long enough to have truly mastered their craft. If brand name recognition and reputation is something you care about, you have absolutely nothing to worry about here.

2 – Features

First of all, the Cargo Pack is immensely roomy with over 8,000 cubic inches of space available. You’d be hard pressed to actually run out of room before hitting the standard airline weight limit of 50 lbs. Even better, it can easily support a weight of that size thanks to its strong internal frame.

The bag is also comprised of multiple pockets that will allow you to store your diving gear exactly as you want. The layout will even help you keep everything properly organized. You’ll also find compression straps on the inside to keep your more delicate gear safe from impact during travel.

3 – Quality

The Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack is sturdy indeed. The internal frame runs the full length of the bag, and it’s brilliantly engineered to shift any pressure away from potential stress points. There’s no worry of the bag bending or its wheels buckling under. The material of the bag itself is a very resilient nylon material known as Cordura. This is a travel bag that can easily take a beating and keep on rolling along with you for years to come.

4 – Price

Stahlsac’s manufacturer suggested retail price for the Caicos Cargo Pack is just under $330. That’s more than fair given the quality of construction and features, and right in line with other travel bags you’ve likely seen. However, you can often find the bag on sale from online shopping providers such as Amazon.

At the time of this review, the Amazon price is a much more affordable ¬†for the black and blue model, a figure which reflects a hefty discount. Of course, shipping is also completely free! Overall, it all adds up to this being a fantastic bag that’s well worth the investment.